Our History

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Emmanuel Baptist Temple was originally founded on Claremont Avenue in the city of Ashland as Emmanuel Chapel Baptist Church. The founding pastor was Bruce Markel.  In 1980, the congregation moved to the corner of State Route 250 and McClain Road.  After purchasing land and completing an extensive building program, worship services began in 1980 and continue to the present in this location.  Through the years the name was changed to Emmanuel Baptist Church and finally to Emmanuel Baptist Temple.

 Upon the death of Pastor Markel in 2001, the congregation contacted Pastor Al Page and asked him 

to come be the pastor.  Pastor Page accepted the call and 

became Pastor in March of 2002. He and his wife Jan faithfully served the Lord together through the ministry of Emmanuel Baptist Church until November 2017. On his 81st birthday, Pastor Page retired and Pastor John VanHorn

then became the acting Pastor.  

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Pastor John VanHorn and his wife Jean worked together as Pastor and help mate until September 2018.  Jean had been diagnosed with mesothelioma several years prior and by fall of 2018 had become too ill to attend services.  It was at this time Pastor John VanHorn had to spend what time he could caring for his wife and asked that Emmanuel Baptist Temple seek someone else to become Pastor.

In October of 2018, Brother Bill Grimes came and preached and through a series of meetings and prayer, confirmed his calling to become the current pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Temple.  He immediately began serving as Pastor and continues today.  Together with his wife, Deborah, our Pastor looks forward to a healthy, thriving ministry bringing honor and glory to our Saviour and Wondrous God.